10 Tricks to Trigger Positive Emotions

10 Clever Tricks to Trigger Positive Emotions

These are some great tricks to get you over that emotional hump, but probably the easiest one is to just smile. I remember my Grandfather always smiling and he seemed to be happy most of his life. I started to take this to heart and started observing others and how many people walked around with a frown and asked myself if I was doing the same thing too? In my mid 20’s I started making it a point to smile more, not a pearly white type smile, but just an upturned mouth and trying to make my eyes “Smile” as my grandfather did. I find myself doing this naturally to this day and even play a little game with myself when I drive, looking at all those frowns as people pass me.

The linked article may give you a little insight in how this works.

Feeling happy makes you smile, and feeling sad makes you frown. James wondered whether the exact opposite might also be true, namely that the way you behave can change how you feel.

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