Dogs Know


Never trust a person who doesn't like dogs and and always trust a dog that doesn't like a person.

One day I ran into someone I knew in a professional matter, and we were talking and catching up on life. A few months ago I learned he had dated a mutual friend, and she confided in me that he had a “Dark Heart”. He was verbally and psychologically abusive in the relationship and had lied to her that he was not married, even though he was.

As we spoke, a pet owner was walking his labradoodle and, loving dogs, I got down to its level and scratched behind the ears and talked to it as he wagged his tail and interacted with me. When my acquaintance reached out to pet the dog, the dog bristled and snarled at the person I was initially talking too. Knowing his background and seeing the dogs reaction, I knew immediately that the dog knew he was not someone to be trusted.

Never trust a person who doesn’t  like dogs and always trust a dog that doesn’t like a person.

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Steven created this site as a way to share personal thoughts on life's little challenges and perhaps to share insight on how to overcome those challenges that get in the way of a fulfilling life.