Watch For the Pain of Regret

Pain of Regret

When I was a boy and going through scouting, I started working my way towards becoming an Eagle Scout like my Father was. This was something that was not only important to myself but also my family. But two things prevented me from doing so; first I don’t think I had enough discipline to stick with it and secondly, I made the decision to quit scouting when some girls I like saw me in my Boy Scout uniform and started laughing. To this day I live with the regret of stopping my goal and not being strong enough to see it through. I can never get that time back and will always be reminded that I had the opportunity but did not have the temporary discipline.

“The Pain of discipline is temporary while the pain of regret is permanent.”

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Steven created this site as a way to share personal thoughts on life's little challenges and perhaps to share insight on how to overcome those challenges that get in the way of a fulfilling life.