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For years I have been keeping notes and asking people the question, “Whats the one thing that you live by?” This could be a quote or a thought or a core value they may have shared. I would then tuck these into a notebook and continue to add to this wisdom. These ideas never had the opportunity ever to see the light of day, so I started this blog to allow these thoughts and ideas to come to light. Always being one to study human nature, I am sometimes surprised by the vitality and vigor that some people live, yet there are others that seem to “have it made” and are at a loss to gain clarity on certain aspects of their life. Not being an expert on human nature in an academic sense, take these thoughts for what they are worth. Merely ideas and reflections to spawn conversation and discovery and maybe a little contemplation in each of our lives.

Steven A. Daniels

About Steven A. Daniels

Steven created this site as a way to share personal thoughts on life's little challenges and perhaps to share insight on how to overcome those challenges that get in the way of a fulfilling life.